by Taffy Williams

A recent Soundview (and Yonkers) Rising article, “Make America Sweet Again,” failed to note the bee-killing “Elephant In The Room” – Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields (RF EMF) which are known to confuse (and even kill) bees, birds, bats, frogs and more via their magnetite navigation. The source: cell towers, smart meters, wifi radiation on all the “smart” devices saturating our daily landscape. The FCC has set exposure levels 10,000 times higher than any other country including Canada, Italy and France. I haven’t seen a bee or butterfly in my yard for several years, since two smart meters were installed outside; no other factor could explain the utter annihilation of insect life here. 

If we really want to help bees, we need to stop the 5G rollout, which is being forced upon unwitting Americans while the FCC and its agencies have done NO STUDIES to prove these are not harmful to we the people, or the environment. The FCC is pushing S19 and S88, bills that will facilitate a connection with 500,000,000,000 internet devices and remove any local zoning rules or regulations that will “inhibit” facilitating small cell infrastructure. I.e., those hard won protections established when cell towers were being erected near schools, hospitals, and residences in the 1980’s. While cell towers are causing neurological problems, brain cancers and more, the plethora of mesmerizing wifi devices and the desire for them are “normalizing” the harmful emissions. The public is failing to respond to known and reported dangers and as the FCC completely ignores the adverse health effects of RF EMF, our insect life is decimated. Now the industry-led FCC is pushing through the S19 and S88 bills, to put thousands of mini cell tower on “just about every telephone pole.” For those who believe the same microwave energy that goes through concrete walls, metal and glass is not penetrating our bodies and disrupting the flight of insects and birds, take note:

From http://www.electronicsilentspring.com/primers/wildlife/wireless-devices-wildlife/:

“In Bees, Birds and Mankind: Effects of Wireless Communication Technologies (Kentum, 2009), German scientist Ulrich Warnke states, ‘Bees and other insects, just as birds, use the Earth’s magnetic field and high frequency electromagnetic energy such as light. They accomplish orientation and navigation by means of free radicals as well as a simultaneously reacting magnetite conglomerate….’ In his book, Warnke quotes Ferdinand Ruzicka, a scientist and beekeeper who reported, in 2003, after several transmitters (cellular antennas) were erected in the immediate vicinity of his hives: ‘I observed a pronounced restlessness in my bee colonies (initially about forty) and a greatly increased urge to swarm. As a frame-hive beekeeper, I use a so-called high floor. The bees did not build their combs in the manner prescribed by the frames, but in random fashion. In the summer, bee colonies collapsed without obvious cause. In the winter, I observed that the bees went foraging despite snow and temperatures below zero, and they died of cold next to the hive. Colonies that exhibited this behavior collapsed, even though they were strong, healthy colonies with active queens before winter. They were provided with adequate additional food and the available pollen was more than adequate in autumn.’
Ruzicka then organized a survey of beekeepers through the magazine Der Bienen Vater. All twenty of the beekeepers who replied to his questionnaire had a transmitter [cell tower or smart meter] within 300 meters of their beehives. Compared to the bees’ behavior before and after the transmitters were in operation, 37.5% observed increased aggression from their bees.
25% found that their bees had a greater tendency to swarm.
65% reported that their colonies were inexplicably collapsing since the transmitters became operational.
Warnke says that monocultures, pesticides, the Varroa mite, migratory beekeeping, dressed seed, severe winters, and genetically modified seeds could also explain the bee colonies’ collapse. However, none of these convincingly explains ‘the fairly sudden and country-spanning appearance two to three years ago of the dying bees phenomenon. Should the bees simply be too weak or ill, they should also die in or near the hive. But no ill bees were found in research into this phenomenon.'”

Today, 3-15% of human populations are being diagnosed as Electro HyperSensitive (EHS), yet the FCC is calling outrageous levels of RF EMF exposure “safe”. Migraine headaches, stroke, insomnia, COPD, heart irregularities, tinnitus and much more are cited effects in literally thousands of studies. The World Health Organization and US National Toxicology Program have classified RF EMF wifi radiation as a Class 2B carcinogen, along with lead and asbestos. Yet the FCC is ignoring these findings, and failing to protect public health.

Meanwhile municipalities like Yonkers are committing “unconscionable trade practices” (from their own municipal code) by forcing tens of thousands of residents to install “smart” digital transmitting meters, while the public remains ignorant of the health hazards and privacy intrusions involved. One activist has been charged with two misdemeanors for failing to purchase and install yet another smart meter (for water) despite health and right to privacy objections and that the corporation (City of Yonkers) is profiting from the unauthorized use of property and air space. This is a battle that actiivists and the affected public and environment cannot afford to lose.

We must stop the 5G rollout, stop S19 and S88, or we will, like our bees and wildlife, all be victims of the “electronic” Silent Spring. Will we allow the 5G rollout to “put the nail in the coffin”? Just because we have the ability and technology, does not mean the activity is morally acceptable. Will we stand up for ourselves, insects, birds and wildlife, who will have no defense against the invisible high energy landscape saturation of RF EMF and the 5G rollout? Call your state and federal officials and say “NO” to 5G, S19 and S88. CALL THEM TODAY! Learn more: visit http://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/?page_id=128 and stopsmartmeters.org.